Combilift Hero V2 1900X930 @300

The small electric utility truck to meet your business needs


This condensed vehicle showcases a single rear wheel drive, equipped with a sizeable rubber tyre and offers a full-circle steering rotation, empowering the Combi-MR with the capability to traverse diverse terrains. The Combi-MR boasts a cabin that is superbly easy to enter and exit, lending itself to swift and effective retrieval by the operator.

The multifaceted controlled joystick endows the operator with the ability to effortlessly alter direction and travel velocity, on top of total command over all hydraulic operations. This accelerates procedures for industrial distribution and supply chain manoeuvres.


The COMBI-MR Multi-Directional Forklift showcases exceptional manoeuvrability, setting a new standard in material handling. Its compact design, paired with a single large rubber-tyred rear wheel, allows full-circle navigation across varied terrains.

This versatile machinery features a driver-friendly cabin, optimised for quick, efficient goods retrieval. Its multifunctional joystick offers smooth control over direction, speed and hydraulic operations, amplifying productivity in industrial distribution and logistics.

Proving itself a game-changer, the COMBI-MR brings agility, efficiency, and control to the forefront of forklift technology.

  • Capacity: 2500 kg
  • Platform Length: 790mm
  • Overall Width: 1850 mm
  • Engine Type Available: Electric
Combilift Listing Image 215X243 V2 @300


The COMBI-WR4 Pedestrian Reach Stacker exemplifies innovation in warehouse operations. Designed for ease of pedestrian operation, this nimble machinery traverses even the narrowest aisles with finesse, making efficient use of space. Its unique feature is the extendable reach arm, allowing high and deep stacking, optimising storage capabilities.

COMBI-WR4's multi-functional controls provide operators with precise handling, combining directional movements, speed modulation, and hydraulic functions seamlessly.

Distinguished for its superb safety features, it ensures pedestrian operators navigate their workspace with confidence. The COMBI-WR4 Pedestrian Reach Stacker fundamentally revolutionises warehouse management, creating an agile, safe and productive environment.

  • Capacity: 1450 kg
  • Platform Length: 530 mm
  • Overall Width: 1512 mm
  • Engine Type Available: Electric
Combi WR4 Listing Image 243X243 @300

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