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It is our intention achieve greater sustainability in every part of our business. Bold visions and distant targets are fine but that’s not how we operate, to us, what really matters is that we make an effective contribution to environmental and climate protection here and now. To do this we have one clear strategy which is to support the UK’s transition towards Lithium power swapping outdated gas & diesel for clean air lithium electric.

Sustainability is not just a trend or fashion for us, we take responsibility, here and today. So, we’ve decided to scrap the fossil fuels completely from our field sales vehicle fleet opting for full EV. We believe the more businesses powering their forklift trucks by lithium, the less pollution & destruction we will bring to the earth. Our mission is solidified: to convert every business in the UK to use Lithium powered material handling equipment & forklift trucks. Whether that be with us, or another lithium provider, we just want what’s best for everyone.

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We understand every business must make profit to survive. After years of innovation, we’ve created the perfect power source to benefit the triple bottom line: peopleprofits & the planet. Making the sustainably conscious decision the smart & profitable one too.


As customers become more discerning & socially aware of the products journey prior to final fulfillment, businesses are well on their way to exploring green innovative technologies to replace fossil fuels. Amongst other logistic activities, global supply chains have become a major cause of industrial emissions. Some main causes being manufacturing, storage & material handling processes. After a recent lifecycle assessment, evidence revealed 1 diesel forklift truck can generate the equivalent emissions of as many as 25 diesel cars.

The single most obvious fact about Lithium electric is that lithium powered machines do not produce any emissions whist in operation. Evidence suggests that for now, lithium is the best all-round sustainable solution for motive equipment. Lithium powered forklift trucks come with a series of additional benefits designed to minimise energy usage and reduce environmental impact. This includes high energy density, longer battery lifespan, maximised energy efficiency, endless recycling opportunities & second life uses.

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It is necessary for every business to maintain economic prosperity. However, we can all agree it is not a justified excuse to generate unwarranted emissions. Fortunately, we’ve made Lithium powered forklift truck & material handling equipment accessible and affordable for all businesses because sustainability is for everyone, not just for those who can afford it. To make the switch even easier, we offer a variety of affordable payment solutions.



At Forktruck Solutions, we have no room for ambiguity about our commitment to social responsibility, from production to final fulfilment. For our employees, consumers and wider society, it is apart of our wider strategy to protect all involved. We’ve made several steps to improve our own supply chain right the way through. From removing cobalt from our batteries, eliminating the need for unnecessary health risks & mining accidents, to actively educating customers about warehouse pollution & poor air quality. It is our duty, to spread our sustainable philosophy across the UK.

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