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Pallet Trucks and Stackers, tailor-made for those well-acquainted with forklift technology. Pallet trucks and stackers are the workhorses of material handling, delivering precision, adaptability, and productivity across industrial and commercial sectors. These robust machines excel in transporting heavy loads, navigating tight spaces, and optimizing storage capacity.

As technology and design continue to advance, modern pallet trucks and stackers offer enhanced ergonomics and eco-friendliness. In this resource-rich guide, we explore the diverse types, applications, and advantages of these essential tools, equipping you to make informed decisions to elevate your material handling operations.

Pallet Trucks

Pallet Trucks are the unsung heroes of material handling, quietly powering industries worldwide. They are the sturdy, agile, and indispensable companions for efficiently moving heavy loads within warehouses, factories, and distribution centers. These machines seamlessly integrate with existing logistics operations, offering precision and speed in confined spaces, all while reducing the physical strain on your workforce. Join us as we delve into the diverse types, applications, and benefits of Pallet Trucks, unlocking their potential to elevate your material handling efficiency to new heights.


The F4 offers versatility with a dual power slot design, making it suitable for various applications, from occasional use to heavy-duty tasks, cost-effectively.

The F4 stands as the F series' most adaptable truck, courtesy of its unique configuration. With a dual battery slot design, it's a versatile choice for diverse applications, offering two battery options to suit both occasional use and long shifts. EP's innovative platform-based design optimizes the F4's packaging, allowing efficient shipping with 30%-40% savings compared to EPT 12EZ, accommodating 176 units in a 40' container.


  • Single Battery for Occasional Use
  • Dual Batteries for Heavy-Duty Use
F4 Pallet Truck


Featuring a compact Li-Ion battery box. EPL 154 has a 0.75kW motor, while EPL 185 boasts a 0.9kW motor for greater speed and power.

The EPL 154 & EPL 185 is the next generation electric pallet truck from EP Equipment. After creating the product category of entry level pallet trucks with the EPT 20-15ET, EP used the learnings of the past 10 years to develop the next generation. The new trucks are equipped with a newly developed Li-Ion battery and integrated chargers for a maximum in flexibility. Due to its compact size of only 400mm to face of forks, the new EPL trucks are the perfect trucks for any standard application in warehouses, logistics and industry.


  • 3 Hour Charge Time
  • Capacity 1500kg
  • Lateral Battery Exchange


WPL202, an upgraded alternative to EPT20-20WA, boasts an ultra-slim design for easier goods transport in tight spaces and offers 50% lower freight costs with 2 units per box.

The WPL202 is a lithium powered pedestrian pallet truck with load capacity of 2.0 ton, ideal for goods transportation in confined and congested spaces. It demonstrates an ultra-slim design, with the chassis length 170mm shorter than EPT20-20WA, which brings better maneuverability and freight costs reduction. The WPL202 is equipped with 24V100Ah Li-ion battery and 24V30A integrated charger and effectively boost productivity due to opportunity charging. The upgraded castor wheels increase stability during walking on uneven roads and ramps. Additionally, it offers an option for customers who need to operate in refrigerated warehouses.


  • 2000kg Capacity
  • 1320mm Turning Radius
  • Lateral Battery Exchange


RPL series safety arms, crafted from robust steel, ensure the truck's longevity. EP's Li-ion tech delivers 205 AH capacity, offering 7% charging in 10 minutes.

The RPL series is the latest version of the ride-on pallet truck from EP Equipment. They are fully designed around the concept of integrated Li-Ion battery technology and offers quick, opportunity charging and electric power steering are standard. The RPL 201 can be equipped with a high-speed option for even higher productivity. The new released RPL 251 and 301 are able to realize heavy-duty applications and satisfy different working conditions.


  • 2T Capacity
  • Electric Power Steering
  • Lateral Battery Exchange


KPL201 features a maintenance-free 24V/205Ah Li-Ion battery for 7% charging in just 10 minutes, enhancing productivity during short breaks.

KPL201, the ride-on Li-Ion pallet truck from EP Equipment provides great driving comfort and high performance to load 2 tons of cargo with a fast-driving speed up to 10 km/h. It guarantees operation safety with a great function that allows it to automatically decrease the steering speed.


  • 2T Capacity
  • Electric Power Steering
  • Lateral Battery Exchange


Designed for individuals well-versed in forklift and material handling technology. Stackers, the unsung heroes of warehousing and logistics, play a pivotal role in optimizing vertical storage, efficiently transporting goods, and streamlining operations. These versatile machines, available in various configurations, are adept at navigating narrow aisles, reaching high storage spaces, and enhancing productivity.

Join us as we explore the world of Stackers, delving into their diverse types, applications, and advantages. Discover how Stackers can elevate your material handling operations, reduce manual labour, and increase the efficiency of your warehouse or distribution centre.


EP excels in stability, backed by decades of electric stacker research and development, providing unmatched stability in its price range.

The ESL122 is a 24V/80Ah Li-ion powered electric stacker while the EST122 is equipped with 24V/85Ah AGM battery. The EST(L)122 is fitted with the high-strength chassis and high rigidity mast that ensure great operation stability. These two models are able to provide comfortable manoeuvrability and efficient and effective vertical stacking and are ideal for operating in confined spaces.


  • 1200kg Capacity
  • 3615mm Lifting Height


The ES 15-15ES Electric Stacker is an ideal compact, yet powerful choice. With an AC engine and 125Ah AGM batteries, it outperforms standard 1.5-ton stackers.

The Electric Stacker ES 15-15ES is the perfect choice if you are looking for a compact, but powerful electric pallet stacker. Due to its AC engine and the 125Ah AGM batteries, this truck is much smaller then common 1.5to electric stackers.


  • 1200kg Capacity
  • 2927mm Lifting Height
ES15 15ES


The ES16-RS has many great features that will help you improve your daily operations. Find out more.

The Electric Stacker ES16-16RAS is the perfect choice if you are looking for a compact, but powerful electric pallet stacker. Due to its AC engine and the 125Ah AGM batteries, this truck is much smaller than common 1.5 to electric stackers.


  • 1600kg Capacity
  • 2912mm Lifting Height


The RSC series surpasses the ES-CS with standard high ground clearance and proportional lifting, enhancing off-road capability and pallet storage precision.

The RSC series is an electric counterbalance stacker, able to handle loads weighing 1.5 to 2.0 ton at heights up to 5.0m. With the rigid mast and forks, this lifter can accommodate all types of pallets and offers ease of loading and unloading various loads. It features a proportional lifting system as standard for precise and convenient operation. Thanks to its high ground clearance, operators can drive the RSC series to cope with rugged road conditions. The truck also demonstrates great agility with a turning radius of 1707/1915mm, perfect for transportation in confined spaces.


  • 1500kg Capacity
  • 5000mm Lifting Height


The KSi201 combines the stacking ability with EP’s hot seller, KPL201 ride-on pallet truck but doubles the efficiency when it comes to transportation and storage.

The KSi201 is a ride-on double-deck stacker with 2.0 ton load capacity designed for long-distance applications. Equipped with a Li-ion battery and an integrated charger as standard, the model increases uptime thanks to its opportunity and flexible charging and zero maintenance battery. KSi201 comes with a spacious stand-on platform and semi-enclosed protection as well as a compact design fulfilling safe, comfortable and agile driving. The double-deck truck offers goods visibility and makes it easy to pick up stack and retrieve pallets.



In the ever-evolving landscape of industrial and commercial material handling, efficiency is paramount. Pallet Trucks and Stackers are the workhorses that ensure smooth operations in the UK's bustling sectors.

Pallet Trucks:

Electric Pallet Trucks are the backbone of seamless logistics. Tailored for confined spaces, they effortlessly transport heavy pallets, enhancing productivity while reducing manual labour. Opting for Lithium-Ion Pallet Trucks brings reliability to the forefront. These trucks guarantee consistent performance throughout the workday, eliminating the need for frequent recharging, and reducing operational downtime.


Electric Stackers elevate warehousing capabilities. Whether it's accessing high storage or navigating narrow aisles, these machines are indispensable. The inclusion of Lithium-Ion technology enhances efficiency and reduces carbon footprints. They offer extended runtimes, empowering operators to accomplish more in less time.

The advantages of electric alternatives in both Pallet Trucks and Stackers are multifaceted. They deliver lower operating costs, reduced emissions, and a smaller environmental impact, aligning with the sustainable practices that modern UK businesses demand.

Furthermore, our comprehensive range of material handling solutions extends to Forklift Trucks, Pickers & AGVs, and Reach Trucks. Whether you require versatile lift trucks for diverse tasks or autonomous guided vehicles for efficient material transport, we have the technology and expertise to meet your needs. These solutions, like our Pallet Trucks and Stackers, are designed to enhance productivity, safety, and sustainability across various applications in the UK's bustling material handling industry.

In the UK's dynamic material handling landscape, Pallet Trucks and Stackers are reliable pillars of efficiency. As your trusted partners in this journey, Forktruck Solutions offers a range of electric and Lithium-Ion-powered solutions, ensuring that your operations remain at the forefront of productivity and sustainability. Elevate your material handling with Pallet Trucks and Stackers, and experience the difference today.


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