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The telematics system is designed to maximise vehicle performance and efficiency, made readily available to your service provider on easy-to-use software platforms supported by PC, tablets and mobile devises. This central data hub offers simple visualisations that guide and support service managers to optimise your operation. A central component of the telematics system is the Global Positioning System (GPS) technology, capturing data around vehicle location, geographical point of interest and vehicle status.

EP’s Telematics Fleet Management collects a series of different real-time fleet performance data to offer a comprehensive picture of fleet efficiency, the system is designed to maximise productivity and eliminate unnecessary cost. Fleet management programs now enables your service provider to manage fleets of all sizes – from a handful of vehicles to hundreds helping to deliver major improvements across the board. 

Why EP telematics ?

Battery Management System (BMS)

The BMS system is an electronic system that manages the sealed lithium-ion battery. Designed to protect the battery from overheating and overcharging, the BMS system can wirelessly monitor the battery condition in real time. The BMS is an intelligent system that enhances reliability and safety by effectively examining and managing the state of the battery. Designed to enhance battery lifespan, providing stability, control the temperature and forecasts the batteries capabilities. The BMS system oversees that the battery is being operated in a safe & efficient manner.

Asset Tracking

The GPS fleet management system provides fleet overview in real time, keeping a real-time map of asset locations to help service managers control key inventory and verify that the machine is running at optimum performance. The data capture of asset tracking includes:

  • Vehicle location
  • Geographical point of interest (Geofencing)
  • Vehicle speed
  • Vehicle incidents (harsh braking, acceleration and cornering)
  • Vehicle diagnostics (e.g. EPM, MPG, odometer)
  • Vehicle status (customizable)
  • Remote vehicle inspection reports
  • Electrical or sensor activity (via PTO)
  • Remote start stop

Uptime Boosting

The telematics system allows us uptime boosting to remotely monitor the status and condition of your assets remotely. The system provides a comprehensive statistical analysis of daily working hours, charging times of the battery and potential faults.

Predictive Maintenance

Predictive maintenance monitors the performance and condition of equipment during normal operation to reduce the likelihood of failures. Otherwise known as condition based maintenance, this approach promises cost savings because maintenance tasks are performed only when warranted.

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How can telematics improve my operation?

Telematics offers several different features that has huge benefits for businesses to maximise and improve efficiency. Our telematics systems has been adopted across several industries to deliver major improvements across the board, this includes:

Reduce Maintenance costs

  • Lithium powered forklift trucks already have very low maintenance costs due to having few moving parts. These costs are reduced even further as our telematics systems identifies potential issues before they arise and therefore reducing the danger of additional downtime. It also makes scheduling preventative maintenance simpler, which helps to maximise vehicle and equipment uptime.

Enhanced Safety

  • Another crucial consideration is safety. The telematics system can often identify unsafe practices and anomalies to be detected and addressed quicker. Equipped with location tracking, emergency assistance can be directed straight to the area if required.

Better Communication

  • Prior to telematic technology, larger businesses found it difficult to keep in touch with drivers & operators. Telematics simplifies the communication process and reduces the need for constant human reporting. As well as ensuring that service managers have access to the data they need faster, this allows operators to spend more time concentrating directly on the job in hand.

Lower administrative costs

  • Telematics also greatly simplifies compliance and administration, through electronic logging device data. This can reduce administrative burdens as reports are generated via the telematic system.

Identify underutilised assets

  • Ideal for short term hiring, it is easy to identify underutilised assets & save thousands £’s by returning unused vehicles.

Unscheduled downtime can be a major expense for any business. Our Telematics systems can help resolve mechanical problems even without the requirement of a site visit. By assisting service managers & mobile engineers remotely, offering comprehensive easy to read visualisations to keep your equipment at optimum productivity. Our in built notification alerts offer valuable feedback helping thousands of businesses keep their fleet running efficiently.

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