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Experience the future of industrial logistics with our electric vehicle (EV) forklift trucks. As one of the UK's leading suppliers, we offer a superior range of EV forklifts that deliver unparalleled efficiency, robust performance, and zero emissions.

Each model in our fleet is packed with cutting-edge features, including advanced battery technology for extended operation, ergonomic design for operator comfort, and intelligent safety systems to prevent accidents.

Our EV forklifts redefine material handling, allowing your business to meet demanding workloads while achieving sustainability targets. Powerful, reliable, and environmentally friendly, these machines are your key to a more productive, cost-effective, and eco-conscious operation.

Three Wheel Electric Fork Trucks

Introducing our cutting-edge Three Wheel Electric Fork Trucks - the pinnacle of modern material handling. Designed for those well-versed in forklift technology, these machines redefine agility, versatility, and power. With a seamless blend of compact design and exceptional maneuverability, our Three Wheel Electric Fork Trucks are the ultimate solution for navigating tight spaces while maintaining impressive lifting capacities. Elevate your operations with the precision and performance that seasoned forklift professionals demand. Discover a new era of productivity as you explore the capabilities of these remarkable machines on our platform.

EFS 151

compact (<2.0m) design, 3-wheel agility, 1535mm radius. Ideal for low-ceiling spaces, malls, factories, and narrow aisles.

EP introduces a compact and agile 3-wheel Li-ion forklift truck for the rapid turnover of goods in confined space with low ceiling height. This truck combines maximum maneuverability and renewable energy source- 48V/150Ah Li-ion battery and an integrated charger, which enables charging convenience and longer uptime to facilitate multi shifts applications. EFS151 is equipped with EP’s in-house preventive service app, with direct access via bluetooth to parameter monitoring and changes, and real-time diagnostics, to reinforce maintenance efficiency and extend the life of the truck.


  • Lithium battery
  • 1.5T capacity
  • 6500mm maximum lifting height
  • 48V/160Ah
  • AC controller

CPD 15/18/20 TVL

Compact 80V/205Ah Li-Ion battery, 80V/35A charger, universal plug for easy charging. Enables opportunity charging, enhances efficiency.

Crafted to harness lithium-ion's benefits, the TVL range excels in narrow aisle warehouses, blending comfort and stability seamlessly. Bolstered by 80-volt twin 5kW motors, it achieves a remarkable 6-hour workday on a single charge.


  • 80 Volt System Offering Powerful Performance
  • Compact Truck Size
  • Large Leg Room
  • Enhanced Mast with Optimal Visibility and Stability
CPD 15:18:20 TVL

TLD 161/201

Offering precise, responsive operation and improved human-vehicle interaction. Its mechanical counterpart ensures reliability and affordability in maintenance.

Evolving from the L2 series, the TDL range embodies modern aesthetics. It inherits EP's lithium tech, 5.4kW*2 dual drive, and refined components for consistent, potent performance in diverse transport scenarios. Prioritizing user experience, the TDL series enhances ergonomics, refining pedal adjustment and optimizing the operator's compartment to minimize distractions and elevate driving comfort.


  • Electromagnetic joystick available for premium needs
  • Larger legroom to amplify driving comfort
  • Powerful and constant working performance
  • New informative LCD display
  • Optimized truck frame for cabin installation and detachment
TLD 161:201

Four Wheel Electric Fork Trucks

Embark on a journey of innovation with our Four Wheel Electric Fork Trucks, setting a new standard in the world of forklifts. Engineered to cater to the expertise of forklift connoisseurs, these trucks redefine stability, adaptability, and potency. Seamlessly merging robustness with nimbleness, our Four Wheel Electric Fork Trucks effortlessly tackle diverse terrains and lifting demands. Whether indoors or outdoors, their versatility empowers seasoned professionals to elevate operations. Uncover unparalleled efficiency and explore the future of forklift technology right here on our platform.


compact 48V/150Ah Li-Ion battery, created by EP Equipment. Its size offers ample legroom and ergonomic space. The Li-Ion battery supports opportunity charging and communicates via Can-Bus for efficient truck utilisation

EP Equipment introduces the EFL 181/201 Li-Ion forklift, a new-gen, entry-level solution replacing Diesel forklifts. Engineered for yard, rural, and intermittent use, standout features include the integrated charger, versatile Li-Ion battery, and robust front tyres suited for uneven surfaces.


  • On-board Charger
  • Improved Breaking System

CPD18/20 FVL

Delivering heightened agility and productivity compared to the FVD range, the FVL series boasts a smaller turn radius, robust drive units, and lithium-powered efficiency.

A Li-ion 4-wheel dual drive counterbalance forklift with 1.8/2.0-ton capacity. Its compact design excels in tight spaces, while the 80V 5.0*2kW dual drive system ensures peak transport efficiency. The FVL series features an 80V/205Ah maintenance-free Li-ion battery and standard 80V/35A integrated charger for boosted productivity through opportunity charging. Enhanced mast design enhances operator visibility and safety, making the FVL series a prime choice for multiple work shift arrangements.


  • Dual drive motors for powerful performance
  • Lithium technology with integrated charger
  • Compact size for manoeuvring with ease
  • Enhanced mast with optimal visibility and stability
CPD18:20 FVL


Free from combustion engines and heavy lead-acid batteries, prioritises ergonomics and performance. Compact battery ensures stability, exceeding competitor safety. 2.5-hour charge, 10-minute 7% boost - dependable efficiency.

The pioneering Li-Ion 4-wheel counterbalance forklift. Crafted around Li-Ion technology, it features the industry's most spacious cabin for supreme ergonomics. Rapid charging and exceptional performance position it as the ultimate IC forklift replacement.


  • IPX4 Rated, Suitable for Outdoor Usage
  • Performance Improvement of AC Motor
  • Large Cabin
CPD30 V3


Ingeniously retrofits a diesel truck into a Li-Ion battery-powered electric forklift, retaining diesel's benefits while reducing maintenance and costs. 205Amp, 280 Amp, 410 Amp, 460 Amp Lithium Ion Battery Options Available

The EFL series ingeniously merges IC and electric truck benefits. Substituting diesel with a 205AH Li-Ion battery, it boasts a spacious operator area, robust chassis, and affordability. The Li-Ion battery and electric motors cut carbon footprint, running, and energy costs.


  • Large Tyres & High Ground Clearance
  • IPx4 Rated Water Protected Design
  • Better Ergonomics
  • Opportunity Charging & Flexibility
  • Low TCO
  • Compact Size
EFL253:303:353 V2


Opting for Li-Ion replaces engine and lead-acid, slashing maintenance woes. EP's self-made lithium batteries boast BMS for cell protection and CAN-bus connectivity, boosting forklift efficiency.

The CPD45/50F8 stands as a testament to our commitment to a greener future. By choosing this Li-Ion powerhouse, businesses demonstrate a dedication to reducing their carbon footprint while reaping the rewards of enhanced performance and cost savings. The allure of the CPD45/50F8 extends beyond its environmental impact. Its quick charging capability ensures minimal downtime, ensuring optimal workflow continuity.


  • Optimised Legroom Layout
  • High Efficient Maintenance-Free AC Motor


EP Equipment's EFL702/1002 tackles Li-ion's large ton gap with brilliance. Retrofitting an existing diesel model, it preserves diesel's perks, slashes costs, emissions, and exhaust gases. Its hefty load capacity makes it the prime choice for robust handling tasks.

The EFL Series's new flagship, the EFL702/1002, a 7.0/10.0-ton Li-ion electric forklift. Pioneering the shift from traditional diesel, this model wields an 80V/820AH Li-ion battery, revolutionizing heavy-duty applications. Reduced maintenance and heightened usability redefine the landscape. Tailored charging options cater to diverse shifts. The EFL702/1002 champions sustainability, slashing carbon emissions and elevating energy efficiency in line with modern demands.


  • Li-ion technology
  • Thoughtful control strategy for operation safety
  • Multi chargers fulfilling different needs
  • Telematics
  • Market-proven components providing high durability
  • Easy driving

As a frontrunner in the sector, Forktruck Solutions introduce a transformative fleet that seamlessly merges innovation and performance, amplifying productivity like never before.

Our forklift trucks are meticulously designed to meet the contemporary requirements of businesses, offering superior lifting capabilities and exceptional manoeuvrability. Whether you're negotiating confined spaces or managing hefty loads, our forklifts ensure optimal performance, guaranteeing smooth operational flow.

Embrace the future of material handling through our lithium-ion technology. By replacing traditional diesel engines with advanced lithium-ion batteries, our forklift trucks provide extended uptime and reduced maintenance expenditures. Bid farewell to exhaust emissions and embrace eco-friendly efficiency.

Safety and operator comfort hold paramount importance in any work environment. Our forklift trucks are crafted with ergonomic operator spaces, ensuring comfort during extended usage. Moreover, our commitment to sustainability echoes throughout our trucks, encompassing reduced carbon emissions and heightened energy efficiency.

Experience a holistic transformation in your industry operations. Our offerings extend beyond forklift trucks, encompassing various applications like pallet trucks, pickers & AGVs, and reach trucks. Each tailored solution promises unparalleled performance, efficiency, and safety, elevating your entire workflow.

Elevate your industrial and commercial fleet with lithium-ion forklift trucks that redefine industry benchmarks. Experience unparalleled potency, financial savings, and a more environmentally-conscious approach. Propel your operations to new horizons today with our state-of-the-art forklift solutions. Unveil the future of forklift technology through our offerings.


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