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At Forktruck Solutions, we have built a solid reputation based on providing years of forklift truck and vehicle repair and maintenance services to our clients all across the nation. Whether its routine repairs, servicing and maintenance check-ups or forklift truck replacement due to an accident, our servicemen have you covered.

When breakdowns do occur unexpectedly, you have no choice but to immediately have check-ups and repairs arranged to keep your productivity at its peak level. Routine check-ups and regular maintenance visits also ensure that your entire fleet performs efficiently and as intended all year round.

Unexpected downtime is something you do not need which is why we provide vehicle and truck repair and maintenance services all over the UK – we will dispatch a team to your business premises within 24 hours.

No matter what you’re the requirements, our expert and certified engineers will arrive according to the proposed ETA and carry out a quick survey to assess the problem and quote you a price before attempting to resolve issues on-site.

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If any major repairs or servicing is required, then we will have your forklift trucks transported to a designated manufacturer-approved repair facility, giving you a fixed timeline to when you can expect to have your fleet back.

Our goal is to help you resume business operations as soon as possible – and as such, if your business happens to be anywhere close to one of our designated forklift repair facilities, then we offer an average 2-4 hour response time.

As with our forklift trucks, we have heavily invested in our forklift truck maintenance units and engineers, who go through rigorous and regular training to keep up with all the latest developments when it comes to forklift truck repair and upkeep.

Whether you need general maintenance for the entire fleet, require parts to be replaced or need our team to conduct an urgent inspection should one of your forklifts not perform as intended – we are only a phone call away.


With the demands of your loading operations all planned out – how much downtime can you afford, really?



Material Handling Equipment Repair 24/7

With the demands of your loading operations all planned out – how much downtime can you afford, really?

Our expert engineers at Forktruck Solutions have decades of experience and will ensure that all your material handling equipment repair needs are met – so that they can perform at their peak, with no downtime in productivity or output levels.

Our lifting equipment breakdown repair specialists are highly qualified and well-trained individuals who will work with your team to ensure smooth operations around the clock.

We strive and endeavour to meet practically all industry certifications for forklift repair and material handling equipment repair to ensure safe, timely and reliable maintenance of your lifting equipment.

Equipment Breakdown Repair Specialist

Simply put, you cannot afford to have your forklifts and other lifting equipment down for long. This is why our team of certified warehouse equipment technicians and engineers will perform repairs on a variety of makes and models including forklifts (please mention all the other equipment breakdown repairs that your engineers can perform).

Whenever you need quick and reliable equipment breakdown repair services and forklift repair, our help is on hand. Our technicians can be contacted all over the UK and will arrive at your location within a few hours to conduct the necessary inspection and start performing repairs.

Whether your warehouse lifting equipment has been damaged due to lack of timely maintenance, faulty parts or as a direct result of misuse, our fully stocked manufacturer-trained technicians are only a phone call away.

Proper maintenance and repairs on your lifting equipment, including forklifts, is absolutely critical to meeting daily productivity demands and staying on schedule. With our scheduled and timely equipment breakdown repair services, you can not only remedy issues that are preventing your warehousing machinery and equipment from performing at its best but also prevent major mechanical faults down the line.


Owing to our 20 years’ experience in truck hire, sales and repair, we can offer expert guidance on which make/model is best suited to your business application.



To ensure that you receive the most ideal materials handling solution for your business, we’ll perform a site survey while keeping your schedule in mind. During the visit, our designated team will discuss materials handling options with you and also conduct a thorough assessment of your business facility.

With the site survey completed, our team will offer a list of potential options, based on your requirements and their knowledge of the broad range of makes and models and fuel types we offer. Even though the final decision is yours to make, our materials handling consultants would still be happy to offer guidance to aid in your decision.

No matter what you’re the requirement, our expert and certified engineers will arrive according to the proposed ETA and carry out a quick survey to assess the problem and quote you a price before attempting to resolve issues on-site.

At Forktruck Solutions, we are dedicated to providing you with the most cost-effective and creative solutions in order to meet your materials handling demands. With solutions that are customised to meet your particular application, we ensure that you get the most return on your investment – providing relevant advice on not just the appropriate solutions, but also financial advice and legislation compliance guidance.

Our experience materials handling consultation experts will help answer any questions you may have including -

  • How can I best utilise storage in my current business warehouse or facility?
  • What’s the best fuel source I can use to ensure that I’m doing business in an environmentally-friendly way?
  • What materials handling methods can I incorporate to maximise productivity?
  • What can I do to make sure that I’m fully compliant with legislation pertaining to materials handling?
  • How can I better optimise my forklift truck operating costs?
  • What is the best financing method for acquiring forklift trucks and material handling solutions?
  • How can I keep my repair and maintenance costs down as much as possible?

Our material handling and vehicle solutions team will answer all the above questions and more to the best of their abilities. They will advise on the best ways of increasing product storage and productivity – while also giving recommendations on how to keep operating costs down, as well as the best way to acquire materials handling and lifting equipment, i.e. lease purchase, contract hire or rent.


At Forktruck Solutions, we believe that quality trucks begin with quality parts.



When you buy a truck or vehicle us, you can rest assured that we have the quality parts to keep your truck running at its optimum level. Maintain the quality performance of your trucks by buying certified parts and attachments from Forktruck Solutions.

As well as supplying original Clark parts we also stock all major brands, including Combilift, Ailemaster, Mitsubishi, Hyster, CESAB, Doosan, Nissan, CAT, Yale, Manitou, Komatsu, Daewoo, Toyota, Bendi Linde and Crow.

  • Wheel Rollers
  • Filters
  • Seats
  • Starters
  • Contacts
  • LPG
  • Engine
  • Master Rollers

Contact us today to find out more about our wide selection of parts.


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