How To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint 1900X930 @300


We Have The Key – It’s Lithium Forktrucks

Our mission is to convert our customers from gas & diesel forklift trucks to Lithium Electric in the UK. Lithium Electric has a whole host of benefits, this includes superfast charging, reduced maintenance costs & a maintenance free battery. Forktruck Solutions are passionate about reducing carbon emissions but recognise that reducing costs is often a businesses main priority.

When you switch to Lithium forklift trucks you can save thousands £'s by eliminating fuel costs. Especially, since the Government announced the red diesel ban for 2022, this means businesses will be forced to pay pump prices and see a huge rise in fuel costs. Forktruck Solutions are not here to turn customers into tree huggers but a huge benefit of Lithium Electric is that you can improve your environmental policy & the air quality in the workplace.

Switching your forktruck fleet from traditional fossil fuels to Lithium Electric can save 1 ton of carbon emissions.

Please get in touch if you would like more information on how switching to Lithium forklift trucks & material handling equipment can save you thousands on fuel, maintenance & reduce your carbon footprint.

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