Goupil Hero 1900X930 @300

The small electric utility truck to meet your business needs


Since joining the Polaris Group in 2011, Goupil has been consistently growing its product portfolio to ensure every enterprise finds a service vehicle perfectly tailored to their specific requirements. Fully adjustable to your preferences, the GOUPiL G2, G4 and G6 models are a seamless match for any industry.


A modern design, a smooth drive and easy to use, the G2 is the perfect partner for your short trips. Homologated for road use and able to carry up to 600 kg, its versatility will become essential for your day to day use.

Perfectly suspended on McPherson suspensions and mounted with 14 inch wheels, the G2 is at ease on all terrains. Its aluminium cabin associated with a tubular iron platform gives it lightness and a unique resistance for this type of vehicle. You will appreciate its ultra-compact size (1.1m wide) which allows access to the narrowest roads. Equipped with 3-points seat belts and double circuit braking system, the G2 make you feel safe under any circumstances.

Getting in and out of a vehicle has never been that easy as with a G2. Its large openings and space on board make the shortest trip easy. User friendly, the modularity of the equipment at the back, the efficiency of the comfort equipments are all good reasons to move on to the Goupil G2.

Goupil G2 Isolated 600X600 @300


Are you looking for a compact utility vehicle 100% electric, robust and competitive? The Goupil G4 will appeal to you by its capacity to adapt to your business. The many configurations combined with the professional onboard equipment have made the G4 the reference in its category.

The G4 is designed with an ultra-robust steel chassis on which rests an aluminium cabin, the batteries are positioned in the middle. This structure associated with the propulsion choice gives a residual payload of over a ton and a traction capacity of more than 1t4 on road, with no equivalent on the actual compact electric market. Equipped with McPherson suspensions at the front and with composite blades at the back, a double circuit brake system, the G4 benefits from the Polaris experience in road holding to deliver a safe drive.

Does your job need you to frequently get in and out of your vehicle? Take place in the G4 and appreciate the seat height, the cabin space and the lighting. The silence, absence of vibrations combined with the comfort equipments (assisted steering, heating, air conditioning, rear view camera) allow you to do your days work with a minimum of fatigue. 

Goupil G4 Isolated 600X600 @300


The G6 is a game changer for Goupil: while staying true to the brand’s DNA, this 100 % electric utility vehicle offers unprecedented possibilities. With a spacious 3-seater cab, a modern design with a competitive edge as well as unique equipment, the G6 will surely become your new business partner.

From the steel chassis to the drive trains, not forgetting the cabin structure, the G6 has been designed to offer a utility vehicle that is comfortable, safe and robust. Opting for a cabin floor design with front wheel drive gives extensive flexibility to bodybuilders and ensures safe roadholding at all times.

Enjoy an unprecedented level of comfort in a Goupil vehicle! As a true business partner, the G6 offers a great driving experience while fulfilling its core mission: efficiently support the user in his daily work. The specific features control panel can easily be accessed from the driver’s seat (lifting/lowering the load bed, activate the beacon lights, triflash hazard warning triangle…) as well as the different security and comfort settings (heater, rear camera…)

Goupil G6 Isolated 600X600 @300

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