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The small electric utility truck to meet your business needs

AC Electric Aislemaster

Every model within the Aisle Master electric range now comes equipped with AC technology by default. This ensures the firm's prominent position in the realm of battery-driven advancements within the flexible machinery sector.


Chief amongst the advantages of AC electric is its enhanced performance metrics, which facilitate superior pallet transportation, thus bolstering overall productivity, in addition to improved acceleration and incline handling. The reduction in wear-and-tear components translates into less need for upkeep and fewer periods of inactivity.

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Aisle Master Order Picker

Aisle Master Flex (AMF-OP): a cutting-edge stand-on electric forklift model that seamlessly merges the strengths of a slim-aisle articulated forklift with those of an order picker, unlocking unmatched versatility in warehousing scenarios.

Advantages The primary advantages of the AMF-OP are attributed to its high-performance AC electric technology. This innovation translates to elevated pallet-handling capabilities, significantly boosting productivity, and offering superior acceleration and gradability. Furthermore, this forward-thinking design boasts a reduced number of components subject to wear and tear, leading to minimal maintenance requirements and diminished downtime.

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Cold Store Aisle Master

Operating a cold store or temperature-controlled warehouse demands considerably greater expenses compared to ambient warehousing, underscoring the paramount importance of efficient space utilisation. Aisle Master's cold store variant ensures that you remain both comfortable and productive even in frosty environments.

Extensive partnerships with prominent industry leaders have culminated in the creation of a model meticulously tailored to meet the exacting demands of this specialised sector, all while delivering optimal storage density. The fully enclosed cab, designed for enhanced visibility, not only keeps operators warm but also reduces the need for extended breaks, ultimately amplifying overall productivity.

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AC Electric Machine

Every electric model within the Aisle Master lineup now boasts the incorporation of AC technology as a standard feature. This strategic move firmly positions the company as a pioneering force in the realm of battery-powered technology within the articulated forklift sector.

Advantages The adoption of AC electric technology brings forth a myriad of key benefits. It significantly elevates performance levels, facilitating an upsurge in pallet-handling capabilities, thereby enhancing overall productivity. Furthermore, it translates into improved acceleration and gradeability, empowering these forklifts to navigate diverse terrains with ease. Additionally, the reduced number of components prone to wear and tear leads to minimal maintenance requirements and a consequential reduction in downtime.

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