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Forktruck Solutions are the UK's First Lithium Only Forklift Truck Supplier

We've always been eager to explore the most innovative technology preferring to be pioneers rather than followers. Now, we've come a long way since inefficient lead-acid batteries and non-sustainable fossil fuel-powered forklift trucks & warehouse equipment.


In order to make genuine progress towards a greener future, we believe it is our priority to provide sustainable solutions that makes business sense, making lithium assessable and affordable for all.

Often, the interests of profit blatantly conflict with the interests of the environment due to the costly price tag of ‘sustainability’. After years of innovation, we can offer the perfect power source which benefits the triple bottom line – People, Profits & the Planet.

It is no longer a choice between improved carbon footprint or better profit margin because this environmentally conscious decision for your business is a smart economic one too.

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As Lithium moves out of the early adopter phase, we are here to encourage all material handling users to evolve with us. It is no longer a choice between improved carbon footprint or better profit margin because this environmentally conscious decision for your business is a smart economic one too. Across the UK, we have transformed businesses, switching new and old customers to Lithium powered material handling equipment & forklift trucks. Proven to be the perfect power source for every application, customers include international logistics & distribution centre's, worldwide retailers, manufacturers, builders merchants and warehouses.

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Forktruck Solutions is the UK's first and only dealership to exclusively offer Lithium-ion forklift trucks & warehouse equipment. The majority of people understand that Lithium is powering most of their most reliable devices, like phones, tablets & laptops. A huge driver for change, is the red diesel ban, starting in April 2022. Diesel forklift truck users will be forced to pay pump prices, that’s up to a 300% price increase. It became obvious, that fossil fuel powered forklift trucks & material handling equipment will not be welcomed or tolerated in the not so distance future. After all lithium is the perfect power source for a site based vehicle.

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We will always deliver excellence, cost effective service with unrivalled after sales care. Through our industry leading approach to supporting your business objectives, offering cost reductions at every opportunity. We not only sell environment friendly and pollution free range of material handling equipment but we will take care of them too. At Forktruck Solutions, we have built a solid reputation based on providing years of forklift truck and vehicle repair and maintenance services to our clients all across the nation. Whether its routine repairs, servicing and maintenance check-ups or forklift truck replacement, our team have you covered.

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With raging wildfires, polluted waters, and the ongoing issue of climate change, there has never been a better time than the present for companies to integrate sustainability into their business practices. Mounting pressure from stakeholders, employees, and customers alike have made it imperative for organisations to integrate a sustainability strategy as part of it's every day operations or risk getting left behind. Switching your forklift trucks & material handling equipment to Lithium power is not only the simplest way to 'green' up your supply chain, but is the most cost effective way too.


We know you might have a lot of questions. The best thing is to organise a chat so we can give you as much tailored guidance as possible.